Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chemical Woodburning

Don’t have an iron? Use a stamp to burn your mark!

Users of 3D Printing Services: I Want to Hear From You

Why people use 3D printing service providers reveals a number of different user groups. That's the premise of an article I'm working on for MAKE's upcoming Guide to 3D Printing, the follow-up to last year's Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing. But I could use your help. I want to talk to folks who use service providers simply because they don't have a 3D printer of their own as well as those who primarily use 3D printing services because of the range of materials they offer. If you fit one of those groups, please get in touch with me at sholbrook [at] makermedia [dot] com.

This Weekend: Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire

Pittsburgh's third annual mini maker faire is set for Saturday, Aug. 18 at Buhl Community Park and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. There are more than 70 maker exhibits planned for the fair, everything local roboticists to hackers to kid inventors. Here are some of the projects and makers you'll see at the event.

How to Create a new Generation of Innovators

With fun, relatable technology, children can immerse themselves in finding solutions and asking the right questions. Early on, they can experience the joy of creating something. We give them tools, then let them exercise the engineer inside from K-12 and beyond. That’s how you create innovators.

What’s Inside an Array of Transistors?

ZeptoBars recently broke down a 7-transistor ULN2003 Darlington driver chip and analyzed what each component does, identifying the resistors, diodes, and transistors by peering at the chip through a microscope.

Today on Maker Camp: Young Makers and Special Effects

Today is the second-to-last day of Maker Camp and our penultimate show will be a good one. Actually there will be two good ones. Starting at 9am PDT we'll hangout with Innovate Salone's David Moinina Sengeh. David will be joined by young makers from all over the world who will be sharing their impressive projects. Innovate Salone is a Sierra Leone-based project to empower high school students to think of a problem and have them solve it. Then at 11am PDT, we'll explore the creation great looking special effects, props, and costumes with the pros—Fon Davis, Frank Ippolito, Harrison Hix, and Keril.

Historical Kickstarter – The Panama Canal

What if Kickstarter videos were not about future projects, but were about already completed projects in history?